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As an Asian-American with 25 years in Corporate America AND a spiritual explorer, CJ Liu is a bridge between science and spirit, Western and Eastern, as well as logical and intuitive. For the last eight years, she has coached hundreds of professionals to reach their life, career, and business goals. Her personal mission is to inspire others to take small practical steps toward their goals and to create a lifestyle that is healthy for them and the planet. On her popular radio show, "Fire it UP with CJ," she seeks out ideas from seemingly opposite sides of an issue to help her audience plug into what’s unfolding on a global scale. From energy healers to surgeons, psychics to psychologists, and vegans to ranchers, her diverse guests reflect her commitment to engage, challenge, entertain and enlighten in every show. Check out her YouTube channel at

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Organizational Culture of Fear: The Shadow Side of US Culture

Posted on October 16, 2017 in Posts

Don't let the title mislead you. Peter's intimate conversation with life, career and business coach CJ Liu is profound, touching and funny. Ostensibly a discussion of Peter's book Flawless Consulting, CJ says at the end, "We didn't talk about the book at all." Instead, the conversation ranged from personal transformation, integrating who you are with what you do and outlets for pain and rage to freedom, authenticity, courage and the power of co-creation--plus yoga, cartoons, parenting and much more.… read more »