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Helms Jarrell

Jennifer “Helms” Jarrell and her husband, Greg Jarrell, are co-pastors of the SouthPark Christian Church in Charlotte, NC. Both graduates of Appalachian State University and Baptist Theological Seminary in Richmond, VA.  Helms and Greg have two sons, John Tyson and Zeb.  In 2005, Helms and Greg helped to found The Family Tree, a nonprofit hospitality ministry in West Charlotte where they currently live.

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Exactly What Are You Committing To?

Posted on January 28, 2015 in Stories

Charlotte, NC pastor Helms Jarrell invited her congregation and neighbors to join her in practicing rootedness and creativity during Lent. All you have to do is pledge to only buy food, clothing, toiletries and entertainment within one mile of __________. Fill in the blank with "my home" or "my work" or "my church."… read more »