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Jennifer Neutel is a Generative Journalist with Axiom News. A graduate of the journalism program at Carleton University in 2006, she has written about many aspects of the transition narrative over the last seven years.She iis a regular contributor to Newscoop, a new media platform telling stories that support a thriving Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Newscoop is telling stories of what the community wants more of and that reveal a Calgary that is thriving, sustainable and inclusive – driven by the courage and creativity of citizens and communities. Its stories focus on the present and the future and are intended to create opportunities for Calgarians to name and share their preferred futures.

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Abundant Communities Initiative Updates ABCD Principles for Municipalities

Posted on June 20, 2017 in Stories

Neighborhood connections create complex benefits, people in Edmonton, Alberta have learned. Its Abundant Community Initiative is catching on, with municipalities across North America expressing interest in connecting neighbors.… read more »