Today - February 9th, 2016

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    Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 1 pm Eastern 


    Neighbors As Citizens Making Democracy Work
    Conversation with David Mathews  

    Free online/dial-up conversation with John, Peter and their special guest, Kettering Foundation president and CEO David Mathews. John, Peter and David will talk for about a half hour about the role of citizens in making democracy work as it should. Then they’ll open the conversation up for questions and comments from anyone who wants to stay around. Details at Events.


    An Other Kingdom: Departing the Consumer Culture


    The latest book by Peter Block, Walter Brueggemann and John McKnight ... just published


    "Inspirational and practical ... a grounded call to compassion and justice."

    — Parker Palmer


    Available wherever books and ebooks are sold | Details here



    Change the Conversation, Change the CultureChange the Conversation, Change the Culture

    Video by Peter Block

    Peter talks about the small group methodology of community engagement and shares his views on the restorative movement at the International Institute for Restorative Practices 19th World Conference.

    12 Thoughts on Inclusive Community Building for 201612 Thoughts on Inclusive Community Building for 2016

    By Cormac Russell

    Reflections for the year ahead on community building the ABCD way.

    Stone Soup MomentsStone Soup Moments

    By Sarah Arthurs

    A simple corn chowder turns into Stone Soup, a tangible manifestation of community gifts and abundance.

    Learn What's Working …
    An Introvert Cooks Dinner for 80 — and Learns Something About CommunityAn Introvert Cooks Dinner for 80 — and Learns Something About Community

    by Shannon Hayes

    Despite all her inclination to stay on the outside, to resist joining, to pull away from group work, Shannon Hayes found a place among her neighbors and learned the can-do nature of community.…

    The Great Veggie Grow Off Cultivates Strong Communities and Lots of Fresh FoodThe Great Veggie Grow Off Cultivates Strong Communities and Lots of Fresh Food

    by Leslie Stephen

    The Lanark County Food Bank in Ontario, Canada, believes in a little friendly competition, especially one like the Great Veggie Grow Off that benefits people who rely on the Food Bank to put nourishing food on their tables every day.…

    Honoring the Gifts and Capacities of Cincinnati CitizensHonoring the Gifts and Capacities of Cincinnati Citizens

    A Small Group has opened a dialogue so citizens committed to change in Cincinnati can make it a better place to live. The idea is simple: just opening up a discussion can change a lot for the better.…

    Update on the Abundant Community Initiative in EdmontonUpdate on the Abundant Community Initiative in Edmonton

    by Howard Lawrence

    Interview featuring Edmonton's ACI co-founder Howard Lawrence on the thinking and results of the two-year-old initiative to connect neighbors, face to face, one neighbor at a time.…

    Building Blocks for Vibrant and Resilient CommunitiesBuilding Blocks for Vibrant and Resilient Communities

    by Robert Thompson and Mike Neiss, Ross Chapin

    Interview with architect, community planner and author Ross Chapin on the power of neighborhood design to build and strengthen community.…

    Beyond the CSA: Four Ways Communities Support Everything from Books to BeerBeyond the CSA: Four Ways Communities Support Everything from Books to Beer

    by Dana Drugmand

    You know the model: Consumers purchase a share of the season’s harvest upfront and get a box of fresh produce each week from the farm. Now you can get your medicine that way too.…

    Big Dreams, Big ProgressBig Dreams, Big Progress

    by Leslie Stephen

    In Nebraska, a group of volunteers got together to do something about supporting community development in the state’s small towns. Their goal was to raise $25 million in ten years. That was in 1993. Today, the Nebraska Community Foundation and its affiliated funds have reinvested $222.7 million in Nebraska’s people and places.…

    7 Practical Ideas for Compassionate Communities, From Free College to Debt Relief7 Practical Ideas for Compassionate Communities, From Free College to Debt Relief

    by Shannan Stoll

    It's not hard to bring a little more equality into each others' lives.…

    Every Block a VillageEvery Block a Village

    by Julie Jung

    When St. Anne's Hospital closed in 1988, Jacqueline Reed knew that her community of Austin, a predominantly African-American neighborhood on Chicago's West Side, would be without easy access to affordable health care. And she decided she needed to do something about that.…

    The Invitation Conversation and the Power of The Invitation Conversation and the Power of "A Small Group" of Committed People

    by Dan Joyner

    What happened when a small group of committed people declared a possibility for Citizen Engagement in Cincinnati.…

    Three Steps to Building a Better BlockThree Steps to Building a Better Block

    by Jason Roberts

    How can we drive change in our communities and move past stagnant committees and outdated regulation? Jason Roberts of Build a Better Block encourages us to stop waiting around. Even if that means painting in our own crosswalks and blackmailing ourselves into action…

    Recent Posts
    Encyclopedia House

    Al Etmanskiby Al Etmanski

    Only when we know the gifts living in our own communities and understand what we are already doing will we understand what we are capable of.…

    10 Ways to Become More Grateful

    Robert A. Emmonsby Robert A. Emmons

    Everyday tips for living a life of gratitude from the world's leading scientific expert on the subject.…

    The Economics of Compassion: Can This City Wipe Out Debt by 2019?

    Sarah van Gelderby Sarah van Gelder, Walter Brueggemann

    A "Jubilee" initiative in Cincinnati aims to wipe out the debts of the city's poorest people. Theologian Walter Brueggemann explains the idea's biblical foundations.…

    New Scoop Interviews Member Peter Block

    Sarah Arthursby Sarah Arthurs, Peter Block

    Calgary news coop co-founder Sarah Arthurs interviews Peter on the role generative journalism plays in community transformation.…

    John McKnight: What I Have Learned So Far

    Philip Boothby Philip Booth

    John reflects on ABCD's history, practice and future in his keynote address at the 2015 ABCD Festival held in Blackpool, England, to mark the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Asset Based Community Development Institute.…

    A Place at the Table

    Edd Conboyby Edd Conboy, John McKnight, Peter Block

    No lines ... no meal tickets ... no clothes piled on tables to pick through. These are just a couple of the "radical hospitality" ideas John and Peter talk about with Edd Conboy of Philadelphia's Broad Street Ministry in these transcribed highlights of their August 8, 2015 conversation.…

    Looking Back to Look Forward: The Intellectual Heritage of Asset-Based Community Development

    Cormac Russellby Cormac Russell

    In June 2015 ABCD Europe marked the 20th anniversary of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute by bringing together people from around the world who have fostered place-based, citizen-led, and asset-based social movements.That week Festival Convenor and ABCD Europe Co-Director Cormac Russell also launched his new book in which he and John McKnight explore ABCD's intellectual heritage over the last forty years.…

    Timebanking Rich in Possibilities

    Michelle Strutzenbergerby Michelle Strutzenberger

    John's recent conversation with New Vision Renewable Energy's Ruston Seaman led to a reflection on meeting Edgar Cahn for the first time and seeing how timebanking provides a structure for mobilizing people to use their assets and gifts for the common, local good.…