Today - April 19th, 2014

    Invest in the Sock Exchange ... and Other Ways to Join the Sharing RevolutionInvest in the Sock Exchange ... and Other Ways to Join the Sharing Revolution

    By Jeremy Adam Smith

    When we share as much stuff as possible, we walk more lightly on the earth and often improve our quality of life.


    Deepening CommunityDeepening Community

    By Peter Block

    Community needs to be at the center of our thinking, no matter what results we are trying to achieve in the world. Peter explains why in his foreword to Tamarack co-founder and president Paul Born's new book, Deepening Community.

    How Exactly Do We Find Joy Together in Chaotic Times?How Exactly Do We Find Joy Together in Chaotic Times?

    By Rachel Brnjas

    How four actions from Paul Born's new book can help to deepen our sense of community and connection.

    Learn What's Working …
    Taking the Future into Their Own HandsTaking the Future into Their Own Hands

    by Allison Pinto

    The kids in Sarasota, Florida's Central-Cocoanut neighborhood have a lot to teach us about creating an alternative future.…

    The Garden That Gives TogetherThe Garden That Gives Together

    by Zoe S. Erler

    Austin's Sunshine Community Garden thrives on sweat, entrepreneurship and generosity. Last year its community of gardeners not only produced some three acres of fruits and vegetables produce; they donated almost 2,500 pounds of fresh produce to a local food bank.…

    Creating Welcoming Communities for Our Young PeopleCreating Welcoming Communities for Our Young People

    by Fred Neurohr

    What if we stopped looking at our young people as defective, broken, lacking, and thinking that it is our job to fix them? Peter joins other Cincinnati community leaders in exploring how to shift our interest to our young people’s gifts and give them space to find them and develop them.…

    The Economy of SmallnessThe Economy of Smallness

    by Abby Quillan

    Philadelphia restauranteur and local economies movement leader Judy Wicks on making good and doing good.…

    Seeing Problems As a GiftSeeing Problems As a Gift

    by Gerard Ee

    Two stories that exemplify the responses of an abundant community, responses beyond social services.…

    Gluing a Place Together, One Neighbour at a TimeGluing a Place Together, One Neighbour at a Time

    by Howard Lawrence

    The Highlands neighborhood of Edmonton, Alberta is a place where people enjoy many opportunities for social, educational and recreational interaction. The city’s Abundant Community Initiative is now working to promote even more connections among neighbors.…

    Guiding Participation and InclusionGuiding Participation and Inclusion

    by Cormac Russell

    The central challenge for participation, and inclusion more generally, is how can we promote citizen-led innovation that stays local, but over time proliferates? La Leche League is a wonderful example of what we can do to support people to share their healthfulness with each other.…

    Making a Difference in Madisonville KitchensMaking a Difference in Madisonville Kitchens

    by Steve Rock

    Having an always-open, unsupervised u-pick, free garden was not the game plan, but at Madisonville's community garden neighbors just walk in and start picking. All the food is picked, and all of it taken home and eaten.…

    Three Steps to Building a Better BlockThree Steps to Building a Better Block

    by Jason Roberts

    How can we drive change in our communities and move past stagnant committees and outdated regulation? Jason Roberts of Build a Better Block encourages us to stop waiting around. Even if that means painting in our own crosswalks and blackmailing ourselves into action…

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    What's Complicated About a Pocket Park?

    Janis Foster Richardsonby Janis Foster Richardson

    Building a pocket park in a Milwaukee neighborhood was a way for people to work together, experience success together and strengthen their ties as neighbors … and much more. It goes to show that big thinking on small grants isn’t always as easy as it might appear.…

    Next to Last Things

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    Each moment is a gift…

    Freedom at Work

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    "Who will care for the common good" is a question that most businesses aren't ready to deal with. In a wide-ranging interview with Tami Simon of "Insights on the Edge," Peter talks about the signals he sees of a shift in consciousness in the business world ... and much more.…

    A Children's Guide to Dismantling Our Economy

    John McKnightby John McKnight

    The holidays are a win-win season for toy makers, youthful consumers and celebratory consumerism. We look with dismay at the possibility that this cycle might be broken. John reminds us how in one neighborhood, a century ago, kids didn't buy fun; they created it with other kids in the community.…

    Transforming a Dysfunctional Legal System

    J. Kim Wrightby J. Kim Wright

    What if lawyers were peacemakers? What if you could take your hardest problems to a lawyer to be solved? And what if you could count on receiving compassionate listening from your lawyer? What if lawyers saw themselves as agents of transformation, helping their clients heal their conflicts? How would such a legal profession change the world? Imagine . . .…

    Escaping to Freedom of Association and Neighborliness

    John McKnightby John McKnight, Nicole Cashin

    When Nicole Cashin decided to "escape from Facebook" she found the freedom and time to truly connect with her community of friends and neighbors.…

    20 Things You Can Do When You Know Someone's Gift

    Bruce Andersonby Bruce Anderson

    “Ask the person to tell you a story about a time they used their gift and something really good happened for someone else.” This is one of the 20 ways Bruce Anderson’s Community Activators workgroup says you can use knowledge of people’s gifts to help them build community.…

    Local Community and Major Movements

    John McKnightby John McKnight

    In a video interview by Canada's Social Innovation Generation, John explains why all big change grows from the small stuff in local communities.…

    Associations and Conspiracies

    John McKnightby John McKnight

    There's a reason dictators around the world and through time have viewed associations as conspiracies. John reflects on associational life as the most powerful force neighborhoods have to build community and produce positive change.…