Today - January 31st, 2015

    Exactly What Are You Committing To?Exactly What Are You Committing To?

    By Helms Jarrell

    Charlotte, NC pastor Helms Jarrell invited her congregation and neighbors to join her in practicing rootedness and creativity during Lent. All you have to do is pledge to only buy food, clothing, toiletries and entertainment within one mile of __________. Fill in the blank with "my home" or "my work" or "my church."

    From Sharing Economy to Gift EcologyFrom Sharing Economy to Gift Ecology

    By Nipun Mehta

    Technology and consumerism have joined to create a “sharing economy” that commoditizes things that were once offered as gifts. But the essence of generosity is to give with no strings attached. When we give freely, we create the deep ties that are the basis of abundant communities. 

    Beyond the CSA: Four Ways Communities Support Everything from Books to BeerBeyond the CSA: Four Ways Communities Support Everything from Books to Beer

    By Dana Drugmand

    In the CSA model you purchase a share of the season’s harvest upfront and get a box of fresh produce each week from the farm. Now you can get your medicine that way too.

    Learn What's Working …

    by Ben Wolfe

    A story of neighborliness that’s long-term, informal, unpredictable and alive.…

    What’s Possible When Two Women Step Up to Connect Their Neighbourhood?What’s Possible When Two Women Step Up to Connect Their Neighbourhood?

    by Michelle Strutzenberger

    In Calgary, Alberta, Amber Cannon and Rowena Saballo have a new passion for life and a friendlier, safer community.…

    Big Dreams, Big ProgressBig Dreams, Big Progress

    by Leslie Stephen

    In Nebraska, a group of volunteers got together to do something about supporting community development in the state’s small towns. Their goal was to raise $25 million in ten years. That was in 1993. Today, the Nebraska Community Foundation and its affiliated funds have reinvested $222.7 million in Nebraska’s people and places.…

    Byron: Small Town, Big DreamsByron: Small Town, Big Dreams

    by Nebraska Community Foundation, Jeff Yost

    The Byron Community Foundation Fund was established in July 2011. During its first year the Fund received eighteen gifts of grain worth more than $100,000. With additional cash gifts and pledges, the Fund raised over $450,000 in less than a year.…

    7 Practical Ideas for Compassionate Communities, From Free College to Debt Relief7 Practical Ideas for Compassionate Communities, From Free College to Debt Relief

    by Shannan Stoll

    It's not hard to bring a little more equality into each others' lives.…

    Every Block a VillageEvery Block a Village

    by Julie Jung

    When St. Anne's Hospital closed in 1988, Jacqueline Reed knew that her community of Austin, a predominantly African-American neighborhood on Chicago's West Side, would be without easy access to affordable health care. And she decided she needed to do something about that.…

    Never Underestimate the Power of a Little LettuceNever Underestimate the Power of a Little Lettuce

    by Joan Horwitt

    Joan Horwitt had the idea to teach school kids how to grow lettuce. From lettuce, to sweet potatoes, to a whole learning farm ... the idea was planted and grew and grew.…

    Bikers against Child AbuseBikers against Child Abuse

    by Leslie Stephen

    Bikers against Child Abuse keeps kids safe from harm and is a great example of an association that de Tocqueville would call productive, prodigious, and almost unimaginable at the same time.…

    The Invitation Conversation and the Power of The Invitation Conversation and the Power of "A Small Group" of Committed People

    by Dan Joyner

    What happened when a small group of committed people declared a possibility for Citizen Engagement in Cincinnati.…

    Three Steps to Building a Better BlockThree Steps to Building a Better Block

    by Jason Roberts

    How can we drive change in our communities and move past stagnant committees and outdated regulation? Jason Roberts of Build a Better Block encourages us to stop waiting around. Even if that means painting in our own crosswalks and blackmailing ourselves into action…

    Recent Posts
    Turn Up Your Dream Switch

    Jeff Yostby Jeff Yost, Nebraska Community Foundation

    Through a growing network of ambitious people, Nebraska Community Foundation uses shared ideas, resources and experiences to help local leaders unleash the abundant assets and talents within their own place. In other words, they help hometowns turn up their dream switch.…

    Not the Visitation You Asked For

    Peter Blockby Peter Block

    Why the Vatican's investigation of Catholic nuns in the U.S. holds important lessons for us all.…

    Let’s Measure What Matters to Well-Being

    Mark Anielskiby Mark Anielski

    Changing the way we measure and manage our progress should be focused on a well-being-bottom-line going beyond the current short-term focus on GDP and quarterly profits. After all, life is more than simply making money. It’s about living a life of purpose and meaning; feeling a sense of flourishing, joy and hope.…

    Conscious Simplicity

    Duane Elginby Duane Elgin

    Today's world requires far more than crude or cosmetic changes in our manner of living. Simplicity is not an alternative lifestyle for a marginal few, but rather a creative choice for the mainstream majority to change our overall levels and patterns of living and consuming.…

    Community Health Vital for Healthy People

    Prucia Buscellby Prucia Buscell

    A look into the State of Oregon's experiments in spending healthcare money on care coordination and community health as a way of preventing expensive emergency care.…

    The Politics of a Dollar

    Peter Blockby Peter Block

    The way we spend our dollars, or don't spend them, regardless of how many we have, fundamentally determines the ownership and distribution of wealth. This power is in our hands.…

    Class Warfare on Earth and in Heaven

    Walter Brueggemannby Walter Brueggemann

    The term “class warfare” today is used in many ways: to describe the power dynamics of politics and economics, to refer to any resistance by the “have-nots” that calls attention to inequity, and to refer to the ways the “haves” keep the “have-nots” powerless and resourceless. These tensions are reflected throughout the Bible, and it is crucial to understand them to read the Book knowingly and advocate for social justice in our communities.…

    Community Building and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

    Cormac Russellby Cormac Russell

    How Ivan Illich's classic "Deschooling Society," Robert Pirsig's "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" and a group called Bikers Against Child Abuse inspire community building.…