New Narrative

The story of what is working in our communities

The New Narrative speaks to what is working in our communities and documents the gifts local citizens bring to the story. What you see here signals the shift in thinking about the role journalism can take to build communities and make neighborhoods functional again.

Beyond Books

Video by Jacob Caggiano of highlights of Journalism That Matters Beyond Books conference, facilitated by Peggy Holman, that explores new directions for journalists collaborating with librarians.  

An Open Letter to Journalists

By Peggy Holman, cofounder Journalism that Matters

It's time for a new compact between journalists and the public, says Peggy Holman, co-founder of Journalism That Matters and self-styled “one of many formerly known as the audience,” in her classic piece on the contribution journalism can make to bring our communities together.

Peter Block: The Cincinnati Narrative

By Bill Weaver

Video with Peter, Peggy Holman and Anne Stadler on convening citizens and media to reframe the Cincinnati story. Food for thought for any community wanting to shift the conversation from the police blotter to the possibility of livable places with opportunities for our children.