Occupying a Different Community Space

by John McKnight and Peter Block on February 7, 2012

Tagged as: Gifts / Hospitality / Association / Land/Environment

 “Health happens in neighborhoods, not doctors’ offices,” says Dr. Richard J. Jackson, professor and chairman of environmental health sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles, in a forthcoming public television series on ways to redesign the built environment for better physical and mental health.

"Communities Learn the Good Life Can Be a Killer," a recent New York Time blog post by Jane Brody, highlights some of Dr. Jackson's work on the ways individual and community health are affected by the physical environment where we live, work, play and shop. It is when we join with our neighbors in those spaces in the giving of gifts, the presence of association and the compassion of hospitality that we become abundant communities.

For more about Dr. Jackson, the TV series and companion book visit the Designing Healthy Communities website.

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