20 Things You Can Do When You Know Someone's Gift

by Bruce Anderson on September 3, 2013

Tagged as: Gifts / Association / Cooperation

  • Introduce the person to others by first describing his/her gift.

  • Ask the person to tell you about people they have met who they think have a similar gift.

  • Ask the person to tell you a story about a time they used their gift and something really good happened for someone else.

These are just a few examples of the wide variety of ways — some quick and some more involved — that you can use knowledge of a person's core gift to help them build internal resilience and healthy participation in their community, says Bruce Anderson’s Community Activators workgroup. 

There is an initial "ah-ha" that can be very powerful when a person first discovers their core gift, but that is just the beginning. The more attention you help the person to focus on theri gift, the more they become aware of its usefulness and can benefit from it. There is no step-by-step procedure. The idea is to do whatever make sense in your relationship with the person. None of the suggested activities is "better" or  "more powerful" than any other on the list.

Read the whole list and decide: What looks useful to you?


Image: Denise Carbonell