Our Abundant Communities

Neighborly Nourishment in the Wilderness

by John McKnight, Peter Block, Walter Brueggemann on April 25, 2011

Tagged as: Gifts / Hospitality / Association / Kindness / Generosity / Cooperation / Acceptance of Fallibility / Forgiveness / Mystery / Raising Children / Local Economy / Food / Safety / Health / Land/Environment / Care of People on the Margin


John, Peter and Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann explore themes of power and patriarchy; human fallibility and gifts; and accumulation and abundance in building and sustaining community in these uncut videos from their two days at Trinity University, San Antonio, for the 2011 Willson Lectures. 


Art Calling Out Empire — Conversing with Peter Block

Running time: 1:30:00


The Gift of Fallibility — Conversing with John McKnight

Running time: 1:27:00 


The Food Fight: Accumulation and Abundance — Conversing with Walter Brueggemann

Running time: 1:24:00

Walter Brueggemann is William Marcellus McPheeters Professor of Old Testament Emeritus at Columbia Theological Seminary. He is the world’s leading interpreter of the Old Testament and is the author of numerous books, including Journey to the Common Good and Out of Babylon.


Final Conversation: Block, Brueggemann and McKnight

Running time: 2:32:00

Introduced and facilitated by Jill Janov, probono consultant with nonprofit organizations that seek to develop organizational capacity and the person at work. Jill applies her 36 years of consulting experience — in private, public, and government organizations — to enhance the public sector's engagement and support of individuals, communities and the world at large. She is the author of Developing Organizational Capacity and the Person at Work and the poem "Dawning" which she read to open the last day of conversation.