Recommended Reading

From the Conversation on "Making Space for Community" with Ross Chapin - June 5, 2013

Follow-up recommendations from Ross Chapin’s June 5 conversation with John and Peter “Making Space for Community.”

From the Conversation on "Measuring and Evaluating Community Initiatives" with Tom Dewar - April 16,

Recommended reading and websites from the April 16, 2013 conversation with Tom Dewar on different ways of thinking about what local initiatives mean and how to support them.

From the "Conversation on Social Innovation" with Al Etmanski--August 28, 2012

Thought leaders, reading, websites and other resources arising from John and Peter's August 28, 2012 conversation with social innovator Al Etmanski.

From the "Conversation on Fallibility" - February 7, 2012

Reading and resources mentioned in the February 7, 2012 "Conversation on Fallibility" with John and Peter.

From the "Conversation with John and Peter: Occupy Wall Street--An Opening for Abundance"

Recommended reading and resources from the October 18th "Conversation with John and Peter: Occucpy Wall Street—An Opening for Abundance"

Recommended from the "Conversation with John and Peter: The Future of Families"

Recommended reading and resources from the September 6th "Conversation with John and Peter: The Future of Families"

Peter & John's List

The Abundant Community is a book born of our experience and way of thinking. In this list are the books and articles that have most helped us to form the ideas we have given voice to in the book; it also contains a couple of our own previous works.

We are interested in hearing about whose writing has influenced your thinking and work. Send us your recommendations, and we will include them in an ongoing list of community-minded reading.

~ John and Peter ~


A Decentralist Reading List

Recommendations from John McClaughry, founder of The Ethan Allen Institute, Vermont's free-market public policy research and education organization; widely published commentator on Vermont issues;  co-author of The Vermont Papers and editor of the Institute’s monthly Ethan Allen Letter.

From Our Neighbors and Friends

A sample of what our neighbors and friends said when we asked what they are reading that relates to their community work, what writings they would recommend to others, and what books, articles, websites, and people have influenced their thinking and work.


Leslie Osborn: Thoughts on John's Recommended Reading

Leslie Osborn asked me what basic books she should read to understand my viewpoint. I gave her this list and she wrote the descriptions that are better than I could do.

~ John ~

Jill J. Jensen Review: The Answer to How Is Yes

"Getting the question right may be the most important thing we can do," Peter says in the opening to Part One of The Answer to How is Yes: Acting on What Matters. Jill's review of the book summarizes why it's critical for building healthy communities and organizations.