Three Steps to Building a Better Block

by Jason Roberts on February 4, 2013

Tagged as: Gifts / Association / Cooperation / Local Economy / Land/Environment

All you need to do to drive change in your community and move past stagnant committees and outdated regulation is to stop waiting around. Even if that means painting in your own crosswalks and blackmailing yourselves into action.

In his energetic and fun TEDx talk, Jason says he’s found a simple formula for building a better block:

  1. Show up. Be present.
  2. Give your effort a name. Whatever you do, it needs an identity for people to connect with and feel a part of.
  3. Blackmail yourself: set a date and publish it. Distribute the posters and flyers, even if your project is only 10 percent thought-out.

If you do these three things, Jason has shown, you really can change everything.



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