A Place at the Table (audio)

by John McKnight, Peter Block, Edd Conboy on August 27, 2015

Tagged as: Gifts / Hospitality / Generosity / Cooperation / Acceptance of Fallibility / Food / Safety / Care of People on the Margin

John and Peter talk with their special guest Edd Conboy, Director of Social Services and the Counseling Center at Broad Street Ministry and Senior Staff Therapist at the Council for Relationships in Philadelphia, about different ways people and communities can shift from a scarcity, helplessness and hopelessness stance to one of abundance, gifts and empowerment in their work with people on the margins. 

When Edd took over orchestrating the Breaking Bread meals at Broad Street Ministry, he wanted to counteract the constant messages about being deficient that receivers of service encountered every day. Like having to stand in line for food, or this service or that program. He realized that waiting is one of the most powerful reinforcers of the class system. It symbolizes helplessness, hopelessness and the constant concern that there is not enough … and that it will run out just before it is my turn. So Edd did something about that.

Running time (with Q&A) 00:51:25

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