A Deep Dive into the Art of Neighboring

Improving communities and the lives of those who live there begins when we embrace the singular importance of neighbors being in authentic relationship with one another. In this fireside chat organized by the Tamarack Institute, Deanna Butz from the town of Stony Plain (in Alberta, Canada) and author Dave Runyon explore the the importance of focusing your work on building neighbor relationships and what that means for building neighborhoods.



April 13, 2022

– Heather Keam, Tamarack Institute (https://www.tamarackcommunity.ca/)
– Connor Judge, Tamarack Institute
– Deanna Butz, Town of Stony Plain, Alberta (https://www.stonyplain.com/en/town-ha…)
– Dave Runyon, City Unite (https://cityunite.org/)


Overview of conversation:

0:00   Introduction to webinar and speakers

4:27   Background on the neighbors connecting neighbors strategy in Stony Plain, AB (Deanna Butz)

9:14   Question for Dave: Why did you write “The Art of Neighboring”? (Deanna Butz, Dave Runyon)

13:14   Question for Dave: How can municipal actors demystify working with actors in the religious sector? (Deanna Butz, Dave Runyon)

18:58   Question for Dave: What is the formula for Neighboring? (Deanna Butz, Dave Runyon)

28:52   Question for Dave: What are some of the myths of Neighboring? (Deanna Butz, Dave Runyon)

37:14   Question for Dave: Based on your research, have you seen evidence that Neighboring does support health and well-being? (Deanna Butz, Dave Runyon)

42:54   Question for Dave: Could you summarize some of the next steps for us listening to the webinar? (Deanna Butz, Dave Runyon)

50:38   Question for Dave: Can you suggest one thing that you would recommend doing to engage one’s neighbor? (Heather Keam, Dave Runyon)

56:50   Tips harvested from the webinar (Heather Keam)


Originally published on the Tamarack Institute website.


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