A Million Souls

We struggle and suffer

Just like a million other souls

Who, for lack of connection

See themselves separate from each other’s story

And therefore feel deeply alone and dissatisfied


We escape the world

Just like a million other souls

Through television and drugs, through shopping and vacations

Through emotional retreat

So that our isolation becomes the norm


But there is another story

That belongs to a million souls already

A story of connectedness, a story of simplicity

A story of contentment and purpose

A story that allows us to dance when all else seems like pure madness


We have forgotten this story

Like the millions of souls before us

Yet somewhere in our memory these stories linger

Like a long ago dream

A feint collective memory from days gone by


It is not a story of services rendered

Or products produced

It is not a story of return on investment

Or productivity and efficiency

No, this is a story of love


Love of the craftsperson

Love of the family

Love of the neighborhood

Love of the competency of community

Love of the gifts we freely offer to one another


We will continue to struggle and suffer

Just like a million other souls

And yet, because of connection

We need not struggle alone, we need not suffer without support

We need not be dissatisfied, with a story of a life well lived


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About the Lead Author

Kevin "Doc" Klein
Kevin "Doc" Klein
Doc Klein was an Outward Bound instructor and facilitator for close to thirty years before starting the consulting firm Uncharted Territories Inc. His work has focused largely on working with communities and organizations to create and implement their visions of the future. Using systems thinking approaches he helps them see the whole system before investing their resources and assets. E-mail: unchartedterritories@me.com Website: http://web.mac.com/unchartedterritories/Site/Welcome.html

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