A Movement for Neighborhood Connection in Perth, Australia

The need for social connection has never been clearer. Lockdowns have shown us the importance of connecting and building relationships with those that live closest to us. Over the last six years Neighborhood Connect has successfully experimented with creating micro-communities, by providing tools, skills, and inspiration for people to create neighbor groups. As a result, people are feeling happier, safer, and more supported. This discussion is about how we can take this proven approach and scale it up to a movement that reaches out to neighborhoods across Australia.

Watch Maureen Maher and Irene Opper tell their story of sparking neighborhood connection in Perth, Australia in the video below.

(Presentation of the content begins at 7:33.)


This session was one part of the rich tapestry of stories and grounding thoughts shared at the (un)conference 2021. Hosted by global asset and strengths-based practitioners from around the world, with over 24 hours of rolling time events, this virtual (un)Conference will engage global groups with all levels of formal and informal experience to hold space and facilitate conversations about the questions that have been keeping you up at night about assets and strengths-based action. The (un)Conference is coordinated by The Jeder Institute and ABCD Asia-Pacific Network with support from a network of collaborators including the ABCD Institute, Irwin W. Steans Center at DePaul University, Coady Institute and Tamarack Institute, and ABCD in Action.



Originally published on the Unconference 2021 website: http://www.abcd-ebook.site/unconference2021


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