Reclaiming Citizen Power: Angela Fell

Angela Fell has her feet in the soil of Wigan, UK. In this straight-talking conversation we name the disconnect from real life and community we see in the patterns and behaviour of our ‘democratic’ systems and the institutions, large and small, that reinforce those patterns to the detriment of individual, community, and ecological health.

Angela is on the ground working with her neighbors and fellow citizens to re-member and reclaim community power. Uplifting people’s gifts, passions, skills, and knowledge is yielding new life and regeneration. Exploring new forms of partnership between citizens and our institutions is a next step already underway.

What Angela shares is gritty, down-to-earth, and practical. Her story shows the way to climbing together out of poverty and injustice, how to look after the planet, the ground, and each other while having loads of fun doing it.

Originally published on the Axiom News Podcast.



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Peter Pula
Peter Pula
Peter Pula is founder and CEO of Axiom News, the originator of Generative Journalism. As a new economy business located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, Axiom News is deeply engaged in an emerging Cross-Community Alliance for Local Living New Narratives. In Peterborough, that Local Living New Narrative is coming to life through an initiative Axiom News founded called the Peterborough Dialogues. The Peterborough Dialogues brings together new kinds of community conversations and tells the story using Generative Journalism. Peterborough Dialogues is co- and crowdfunded by participating citizens and partners . The initiative brings to life the growing gifts and possibilities in the Peterborough community.

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