Brenton Crozier

Brenton Crozier is multimedia producer, wordsmith and "music man" for State of the Re-Union. He started as a print journalism major and shifted to website copywriting and content editing early in his career. Working for, the largest provider of small to medium business websites in the country, Brenton started as a copywriter and quickly worked through the ranks to become a Design and Copywriting Supervisor and then shortly after that, the company’s Quality Control Manager at which point he had a proclivity for calling himself the “Sheriff.” After a successful period as QA Manager for, Brenton renewed his focus on copywriting with the Head Copywriter position at Vizergy, an industry leader in online hospitality marketing and web design. He has worked with both Al and Ian for a number of years in various capacities, mainly lending his prose and opinions.

Slow Down and Stay Awhile – Roads and Community

Photo: Laura Tillman London Plane trees and sidewalks slow highway drivers down in Willow Creek, California. These and other changes signal to travelers that this is a place with residents on foot and stores open for business.     As a parent, streets are...