Melissa Lee

After completing a bachelor’s degree in studio art and having no idea what to do next, Melissa decided the only logical step was to buy a round-the-world ticket and travel for nine months. Somewhere along the way in India, an oracle healer told her to “just pick something and do it,” so she picked acupuncture and has been happily doing that for the past six years. Still, her lifelong love of storytelling and radio has once again compelled her to search out a new path, leading her to the wonderful DC Listening Lounge, a DC based audio sharing group, and now, most fortunately, the opportunity to join the amazing SOTRU team. And really, acupuncture and radio programs are not so different in that they both involve “getting to the point.” Also, she apologizes for that.

Pie Day at the Hardware Store

Here’s something you don’t usually hear when entering a hardware store: “We’ve got some pie over there, help yourself.” That’s exacy what I heard when I stepped into the Waitsburg Hardware & Mercantile in Waitsburg, WA.  And there was pie...