New Vision Renewable Energy

From its home base, research and training center, in North Central West Virginia, New Vision Renewable Energy connects citizens, businesses and faith-based and community organizations to join an international renewable energy movement. NVRE’s old-fashioned, time-tested, neighbors-helping-neighbors method of working together today has spread unique solutions to everyday problems from NVRE’s small rural headquarters to communities in 31 countries. From solar panel installations to reduce a family’s electric bill to solar-powered aquaponic greenhouses that sustain a community garden to biodiesel fuel production, NVRE offers innovative ways to engage communities and bring them hope.

The Story of Ruth: How a Solar Light Changed the Course of One Girl’s Life Forever

Ruth is one of many young girls in the Maasai community, in a remote village in Kenya, where it is common for girls her age to stop going to school after finishing their primary education. Without further education, young girls...