Building Community with Portable Brick Ovens

The St. Paul Bread Club

“We knead to bake!”

That’s the motto of the St. Paul Bread Club, “the largest bread club we know of,” they say, “at least in the sense of being a group of individuals with a common interest in bread.”

The Club members have shared their passion and gifts for bread baking since 2003. They are men and women, teenagers and professionals and retirees, novices and old hands who get together for bake-offs and baking lessons. They do recipe swaps and have contributed their recipes to a cookbook that was nominated for a Minnesota Book Award. And taking a lesson from Toronto’s Dufferin Grove Park Bake Ovens, they are famous for building what they call one-hour brick ovens. The idea is for the ovens to be “portable” so that they can take an oven apart, put the bricks on pallets, move it to another park and build it again.

“People from all over a neighborhood can come and bake and share stories,” says one of the oven builders. It’s all a lot more about building community than baking bread.

Watch the group in action in the feature broadcast by KARE 11 TV Minneapolis/St. Paul.


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