Color Your World with Kindness

We tend to think of capacities such as kindness as individual traits, John and Peter say in The Abundant Community, but kindness can also be thought of as a communal trait. In the case of individual kindness, we might say, “She is being kind to you.” In a communal sense, we say, “Together we value kindness.” In other words, kindness is called out from us in a way that may not be expressed by an individual. An abundant community calls forth kindness from its members, and when this happens, something greater is produced (p. 72).

This animated short by A Better World portrays how small acts of kindness can positively change the feelings and attitudes of others and how naturally this will spread, grow and flourish within our communities and beyond. The Better Worldian’s strategy is to plant flowers instead of pulling weeds, cultivating the goodness in everybody, so we can all make it a better world.


Video from KarmaTube

 Video re-posted by arrangement with Home page image: Kris Krug

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