Dancing with Shiva

Most of us have been raised in a world and within organizations that follow a “top down” culture. This can stifle creativity, individual agency, and collective intelligence and cohesion. What if we used structures for gathering that release us from the control of others and confront us with our own freedom?

Years ago, Harrison Owen “fell into” an idea he came to call Open Space – a way of gathering, exchanging ideas, making decisions and planning our actions rooted in nature’s principles of self-organization.

Below, he shares stories of the thinking behind this practice and groups who have used it for their diverse purposes around the world.


This talk was originally published on https://www.youtube.com/@TEDx.



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Harrison Owen
Harrison Owenhttps://openspaceworld.org/wp2/hho/about-harrison-owen/
Harrison Owen is an author, consultant and photographer. Throughout his professional life, he has explored the world and himself, seeking the ways and means of transformation, towards a deeper understanding of who we all are and how we may live productively with meaning and purpose. His journey has always been interesting, sometimes exciting, and on more than one occasion — deeply rewarding.

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