Forget Your Perfect Offering

Forget your perfect offering, advised Leonard Cohen.

There will always be another shiny concept or tool so much better than the ones you currently use.

And consultants, who describe a perfect world within reach should you decide to hire them.

And fundraisers, who already have money in the bag ready to be released the moment they are retained.

And researchers, who can describe your challenge in learned ways.

And people smarter than you, who will knock you off balance.

But hopefully not for long.

Be careful what you are advised to transplant. It must be able to grow in your territory, in your soil.

Trust your natural rhythms.

Pay attention to your people.

Have confidence in your experiences.

Your association with frailty, vulnerability and imperfection will serve you better than an association with those who peddle certainty.

Certainty breeds fear and hesitation. Fear of uncertainty, of not getting it right.

Certainty kills spontaneity.

It is a prison the light can’t get into.

The antidote to certainty is confidence.

Confidence that you are enough. Confidence that you have enough.



Re-posted by permission from Image here and on home page: Punk Marciano.

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Al Etmanski
Al Etmanski
Al Etmanski is a community organizer, social entrepreneur and author. ( (@aletmanski ) His latest books are Impact: Six Patterns to Spread Your Social Innovation and The Power of Disability: 10 Lessons for Surviving, Thriving and Changing the World. He is a faculty member of the Asset Based Community Development Institute (ABCD), an Ashoka fellow, senior fellow Social Innovation Generation and Co-Chair of BC Partners for Social Impact. Al is co-founder of Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN), a family run social enterprise assisting families address the financial and social well-being of their relative with a disability, particularly after their parents die. He proposed and led the successful campaign to establish the world’s first savings plan for people with disabilities, the Registered Disability Savings Plan. John McKnight endorsed Al's book Impact by saying: Impact is a chronicle of the wisdom Etmanski has gained in exploring the keys to long-term social change. His findings lead us out of the past and onto a pathway for progress in the 21st century. Once describing Al as an Abundant Community Pioneer, Peter Block wrote: Al Etmanski is one of North America's best social inventors. He has looked beyond traditional institituions and their failures to create new means of achieving a better life. His analysis of the forms of organization that enable local communities while avoiding rigid hierarchies is groundbreaking. His book A Good Life is a wonderful and practical guide to the potential for neighbors to grow strong through the power of hospitality. Michael J. Fox said of Al's latest book, The Power of Disability: This book reminds us of what we have in common: the power to create a good life for ourselves and for others, no matter what the world has in store for us.

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