John McKnight: Community and Its Counterfeits

Some radio series find their proper moment, others don’t.  A broadcast might be a little too far ahead of the zeitgeist, or too far behind it.  But every once in a while one’s timing is just right.  This series, broadcast in 1994, is an example, and it became one of the most popular and widely appreciated things I ever did for Ideas.  It features John McKnight … [who] lays out his thoughts on how community is made and unmade, and I’m happy to say that the reaction it received encouraged him to collect some of his best papers and publish them as The Careless Society: Community and Its Counterfeits (Basic Books, 1995).  Credit for the title goes to my wife Jutta Mason, who pushed me to do these shows and then suggested a name for them.

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About the Lead Author

David Cayley
David Cayley is a Toronto-based Canadian writer and broadcaster. For more than thirty years he made radio documentaries for CBC Radio One's program Ideas which he is now collecting on his website

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