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Notes on the Gifts and Assets That People Who Are Vulnerable to Rejection Commonly Bring to Community

by Judith Snow


  • making people feel happy
  • listening


  • slowing people down, reorienting people to time and place
  • leading people to appreciate simple things
  • causing people to appreciate their own abilities

Skill Building

  • pushing people to be better problem solvers
  • causing people to try things they’ve never done before
  • causing people to research things they never encountered before
  • improving education
  • improving technology
  • modeling perseverance – being unstoppable


  • reaching out to people and breaking down barriers
  • asking questions that everyone else is too shy to ask
  • bringing people together who otherwise would never meet

The Economy

  • providing jobs to people who want supplemental income, like artists
  • providing jobs to people who need to work odd schedules like homemakers
  • providing jobs to people who otherwise have few or no marketable skills
  • filling odd niches
  • providing a home, bringing people home


  • often modeling exemplary forgiveness
  • offering opportunities to do something that clearly makes a difference
  • reorienting values from accumulation to relationships
  • making people more peaceful
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About the Lead Author

Judith Snow
Judith Snow
Judith Snow, MA, was a social inventor and an advocate for Inclusion — communities that welcome the participation of a wide diversity of people. Her internationally recognized work included consulting and workshops on person centered planning, personal assistance, support circle building, family support and inclusive education. Her goal was to foster an understanding of how people with disabilities can be full participants in communities everywhere.

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