Little Free Library

A cool and powerful idea is spreading from its small beginning in Hudson WI to neighborhoods from Brooklyn to Sacramento, Portland to New Orleans. It’s called Little Free Library, and there’s even a Little Free Library in Hamburg, Germany and ones on the way in Canada, Australia, India, the U.K. and Bulgaria.

The brainchild of Todd Bol and Rick Brooks, the Little Free Library project was conceived to promote literacy and build community—and to challenge Andrew Carnegie’s record of creating more than 2,500 free libraries.

The idea is simple: “Take a book, return a book” is posted on a little box put up where people are likely to pass by. In just two years, Little Free Library has turned into a movement with profound implications for building relationships and fostering sharing among neighbors.

The Little Free Library website is a treasure trove of useful information on the movement, from how to build and decorate a Little Free Library yourself, to where to order custom-designed and -crafted versions, to blog posts from library builders, stewards, and donors around the country. There are links to some of the dozens of articles and media spots on the Little Free Library movement, like Wisconsin Public Radio’s Here on Earth interview with Todd and Rick. You’ll also see the backstory on how it all began, tips on how to found and fill a Little Free Library in your neighborhood, and much more. Definitely worth checking out.

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