Putting the Storyteller Back into Journalism

In Part One of Peter’s interview with Peter Pula, CEO of Axiom News, they explore how generative journalism differs from mainstream media in framing questions, making space for silence and restoring storytelling to the craft.

Going Further:

  • In Part Two, Peter and Peter talk about how the Axiom approach to investigative journalism is to look for stories that have the capacity to give the community life instead of focusing on its woundedness.
  • Journalism Leadership: Changing the Conversation (Peter Block and Peter Pula audio interview with Robert Thompson)


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About the Lead Author

Peter Pula
Peter Pula is founder and CEO of Axiom News, the originator of Generative Journalism. As a new economy business located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, Axiom News is deeply engaged in an emerging Cross-Community Alliance for Local Living New Narratives. In Peterborough, that Local Living New Narrative is coming to life through an initiative Axiom News founded called the Peterborough Dialogues. The Peterborough Dialogues brings together new kinds of community conversations and tells the story using Generative Journalism. Peterborough Dialogues is co- and crowdfunded by participating citizens and partners . The initiative brings to life the growing gifts and possibilities in the Peterborough community.

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