Restoring the Common Good

In this episode of the Finding Community podcast, Peter Block explores conversations we can have to imagine a more habitable future; why connecting with our local communities is important; and why it is critical to shift from a focus on deficiency to one of abundance.


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Peter’s work is in the restoration of the common good and creating a world that reclaims our humanity from the onslaught of modernism.

In addition to co-authoring “The Abundant Community” Peter Block, is known for the best-selling book “Community: The Structure of Belonging” and is a consultant, trainer. Both books provide a road map and tools to strengthen social bonds and create more resilient neighborhoods, cities, and society.

This episode was produced by Glenn Montgomery for Vision Action Network. Audio editor and music producer was Mandana Khoshnevisan. Music by Choro da Alegria. Post-production by Jenny Moore.

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About the Lead Author

Peter Block
Peter Block
In addition to The Abundant Community, co-authored with John McKnight, Peter Block is the author of Flawless Consulting, Community, Stewardship and The Answer to How Is Yes. He serves on the boards of Elementz, a hip hop center for urban youth; Cincinnati Public Radio; and LivePerson. With other volunteers, Peter began A Small Group, whose work is to create a new community narrative and to bring Peter's work on civic engagement into being. Peter's work is in the restoration of communities and creating systems that restore our humanity. He is a partner in Designed Learning, a training company that offers workshops he has designed to build the skills outlined in his books.

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