Roundup: Community at Work

Stories from our friends around the globe about how families, neighbors and friends are sharing and caring for one another in the COVID-19 environment.

ABCD Instutite

Resources & Inspiration for Unleashing Abundance & Community in Times of Crisis


Al Etmanski

Love During Adversity Is a Powerful Combination

Axiom News

Together Apart: Community Life in Times of Crisis


Bank of I.D.E.A.S.

Inspiring Stories About Spreading Community Kindness and Connection, Not COVID-19, Fear and Social Disconnection


Cities Deepening Community

Fostering Community in Times of Social Distancing


New Economy Coalition

NoGoingBack: The COVID-19 Policies We Need to Transform This System for Good

April 2 online participatory discussion on current COVID-19 related legislation and community support practices, plus the long-term transformation that communities will continue to fight for to ensure community control of our economic system. Registration information here.

Plexus Institute

Complex Challenges of COVID-19 or Corona Virus

Plexus has also posted several studies and articles they consider valuable in navigating the COVID-19 envivironment.


Tamarack Institute

COVID-19 and Community Building

New community-building stories from Tamarack

Archive: Community-building stories from Tamarack

Free webinars through April

Through April, Tamarack will offer free weekly community-building webinars to help equip us for community change as we all adjust to a new normal. Topics include working remotely, community engagement, asset-based community development and more. Details and registration information at

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