Sweet Potatoes Newest Star of Lawns 2 Lettuce 4 Lunch

Remember Lawns 2 Lettuce 4 Lunch, the Arlington, VA-area initiative founded by Joan Horwitt to promote home-grown healthy foods?

It was sweet potatoes harvested by Ashlawn students that starred in Ashlawn Elementary School’s school lunch event in early November. The tubers featured in lunch dishes from soup to desserts were grown at the Reevesland Learning Garden, a series of growing beds that have been constructed on the last dairy farm in the area.

The Lawns 2 Lettuce 4 Lunch program began with students, teachers and school neighbors growing lettuce and greens at their homes and at the school. The program grew to include produce beds on the Reevesland site.

Read The Humble But Healthy Sweet Potato Gets Starring Role at School Luncheon for the update on the sweet potato lunch. Two earlier posts cover the launch of the program and the expansion to the Reevesland site.

Home page photo: Ed Yourdon

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