The Community Center

Our city does not have a town square for residents to gather… however, we do
have the Frances R. Healy Community Center, built by a group of civic
volunteers in early 70s, and it just happens to be located in Chamberlin
Park, the “jewel” of our city.

Exploring my community, looking for places where neighbors gathered, I made
an amazing discovery…the center of our community is The Community
Center…where residents can gather, to share gift-mindedness, associational
life and hospitality, a place where we can create The Abundant Community…

~ Shawn ~


About the Lead Author

Shawn Gavin
Shawn Gavin
From Shawn's first blog: Recently, I created an opportunity to make a difference in my community. I ran for city council and won! Although political campaigning and holding public office is not on my resume, I have marketing experience, enthusiasm and passion. Add a dash of magic and maybe a little something special can be created in our community.

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