The Neighbor Challenge # 5

When asked to define the word “neighbor,” one of my children replied, “A friend.”  This seemingly simple answer is powerful in its implications for communities. How does neighbor become synonymous with friend?

Week 4′s challenge is the beginning.  Understanding the gifts and passions of those around us opens the door to deeper relationships…perhaps to friendship.  But, in our world of privacy fences, no eye contact entrances, and quick getaways how do we find opportunities to have these conversations?  Sit on your front steps or porch, take a walk, water your yard, stop at a neighbor’s garage sale, sit in a common space and read, visit a local business; in short, get out and open up.


Week # 5

Question: What “walls” have you put up that keep you from having conversations with your neighbors?

Challenge: Topple that wall by choosing one activity that will get you out and about in your neighborhood.



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The Neighbor Challenge series re-posted by arrangement with the Communities First Association, a professional association of Christian community developers that provides a supportive learning environment, resources, and tools to those who transform communities. Image courtesy Communities First Association.

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Valisha Reber
Valisha Reber
Valisha Reber is a wife, mother, and assistant with the Communities First Association who aspires to be a great neighbor.

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