Tim Vogt: Placekeeping & Holding the Long Story

The Common Good podcast is a conversation about the significance of place, eliminating economic isolation and the structure of belonging.  For this week’s episode we partner with April Doner and the Abundant Community to speak with Tim Vogt about an article published on Abundant Community’s website called The Five Valued Experiences.

Tim is Learning Network Director of Starfire, a Cincinnati, Ohio, a visionary organization working to build better lives for people with disabilities.Other referenced works and resources:

In Conversation with Tim:

April Doner is a community connector, artist, and mother who is passionate about igniting the intersection between re-weaving neighbor relationships, strengthening local economies, and healing / reconciling inequities and injustices. She is a Steward at the ABCD Institute DePaul University and when not practicing neighboring in her own neighborhood, she trains, coaches, and consults in Asset Based Community Development. April also documents local resilience as well as group processes through various creative means including writing, photography, video, and graphic recording. Since 2020, she has curated content for Abundant Community.

Joey Taylor is the Director of Bespoken Live Cincinnati and the producer of the Common Good Podcast. With a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies and experience in interfaith engagement and international community development in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, he believes story is key in crafting our perspective toward ourselves and one another and will be discussing this technique in communication.

This episode was hosted and produced by Joey Taylor and the music is from Jeff Gorman. You can find more information about the Common Good Collective here. Common Good Podcast is a production of Bespoken Live & Common Change – Eliminating Personal Economic Isolation.

Image by Robert Lukeman on Unsplash.

Going Further:

About the Lead Author

Tim Vogt
Tim Vogt
Tim Vogt is Executive Director of Starfire, a Cincinnati, Ohio, organization which offers programs that address the needs of teens and adults with disabilities. Read Margaret Rahn's story to learn how he and his wife, Bridget, became community connectors by baking a plate of cookies.

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