Rethinking Thanksgiving: a Toolkit

As we begin to collectively acknowledge the harmful absence of indigenous perspectives in mainstream culture, we find ourselves at crossroads during celebrations and customs that have long served to hide indigenous realities. This toolkit, lifted up recently by People’s Hub, offers thoughts and resources that can help us take advantage of this opportunity for reflection learning, dialogue, and growth toward a more inclusive, just and compassionate culture and world.


This 2022 Rethinking “Thanksgiving” Toolkit was created by the Indigenous Solidarity Network, a group of allies from SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice), Catalyst Project, and others at Standing Rock.


Artwork by Kandi White, Indigenous Environmental Network, CultureStrike and Micah Bazant


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April Doner
April Doner
April Doner is a community connector, artist, and mother who is passionate about igniting the intersection between re-weaving neighbor relationships, strengthening local economies, and healing / reconciling inequities and injustices. She is a Steward at the ABCD Institute DePaul University and, while not practicing neighboring in her own neighborhood, she trains, coaches, and consults in Asset Based Community Development. April also documents local resilience as well as group processes through various creative means including writing, photography, video, and graphic recording. Since 2020, she has curated content for

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