What Thriving Communities Look Like With The Indigenous Environmental Network

The perspectives of Indigenous people are rarely included in mainstream conversations about sustainability, climate change, or community health, Jennifer Falcon of the Indigenous Environmental Network (EIN) explains in this powerful interview with Keenan Rhodes in the Climate Justice Alliance’s podcast, “Stories from Home.”

The podcast features a behind-the-scenes look at the creation and impetus behind their story snapshot, six graphic recordings by artist Arlo Iron Cloud representing the visions of six Indigenous folks from communities across Turtle Island (North America).

Description:  “Prairie’s hopes for the future lie in human relationship. Tanya sees our children learning all the ways of life throughout the Universe. Boots just wants to make sure there’s something for everybody. Watch the Just Transition visions of six Indigenous leaders from across Turtle Island come to life through Lakota artist Arlo Iron Cloud’s one-of-a-kind drawings, created on the spot at the Indigenous Just Transition Assembly at Haskell Indians Nations University. Step into the Assembly that brought together voices of the Assiniboine, Sioux, Crow, Dine’/Navajo, Oglala Lakota, Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nations, and watch their words come to life.”

About Climate Justice Alliance’s Story Snapshots

Climate Justice Alliance’s Story Snapshots invites viewers into the homes and hearts of CJA communities, those living on the frontlines of the economic, democratic and climate crises.

Through art, cultural tradition and future vision, we share how our communities are moving from an extractive economy to a future of meaningful work, equity, and a clean environment.

In the midst of this project, the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world and pressed pause on all our muscle memory movements through society – our snapshots bear witness and pay homage to living Just Transitions as we adapt and respond to this global emergency.

To learn more about this project, listen to our podcast: Stories from Home: Living the Just Transition, with Keenan Rhodes of CJA and the Kheprw Institute. For more information about the Climate Justice Alliance and to follow our work, please sign up for our updates here.

EIN is a member of the Climate Justice Alliance, a non-governmental collective of over 70 rural and urban community-based organizations focused on sustainability, development of underrepresented communities, race and ethnicity, economic development, and poverty alleviation — all with the wider aim of addressing climate change.

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Snapshot produced by Jennifer Falcon, IEN

This podcast originally published on https://storysnapshots.climatejusticealliance.org and created by the Climate Justice Alliance with Keenan Rhodes from the Kheprw Institute.

Header artwork by Arlo Iron Cloud and the Climate Justice Alliance.


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