Bridget Vogt

Bridget Lynd Vogt, Community Builder, has worked at Starfire since 2000. In 2017, she received state-wide recognition in Ohio for outstanding services to Ohioans with disabilities. Bridget holds a Bachelor of Special Education degree from Xavier University, and her career has been centered on working alongside people with developmental disabilities to lessen their experience of social isolation. While she has been a program coordinator and director in the past, she has made a concerted effort to stay grassroots level to the work. Her work includes training and development of Starfire staff on: state-wide policies and procedures, person-centered planning, trauma-informed care, and social role valorization. Bridget has facilitated over 100 person-centered plans and has assisted in planning and implementing community-based citizen-driven projects with over 15 people with DD.

Social Lessons from Transformation: Starfire Council

Sometime in 2007 or 2008, Tim Vogt, who directed an award-winning agency serving people with disabilities, had his journey interrupted years ago by a visit from three people who were unknown to him who got up and spoke at...