Guidelines For Action

Getting Started

Here are some beginning ideas for those interested in building the capacity and usefulness of their neighborhoods. They are what natural connectors have learned to do and what is within the reach of all of us — introverts, loners, backyard dwellers, those who have little spare time.

You can get started by reading John’s call to action. Or visit the pages on gifts, hospitality and associations. The Connector’s Table page in this section is to help you start connecting gifts, hospitality and associations in your neighborhood. Food for Thought … and Action is the gateway to community-minded readings and recordings to support your efforts.


Recommended Reading

Books, Articles, Blogs and More

Peter & John’s recommendations, plus suggested reading from people in our community


Recommended Links

People, Organizations and Partners

Links to our partners and to people and organizations whose work we like


Author Bios

People, Organizations and Partners

Links to the bios for authors and contributors to the site