Paula B Muething

“If you want to become involved in civic service, my advice is to just get involved," says Paula Boggs Muething, Cincinnati’s City Solicitor. “Civic service does not have to be your day job in order for it to be part of what you do, and it can be just as rewarding.” Paula became Cincinnati City Solicitor after serving as General Counsel and Vice President of Community Revitalization for the Port of Cincinnati Development Authority. There she was intensely involved in redevelopment initiatives, including operating the Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation (“Land Bank”) on behalf of the Land Bank Board. The Hamilton County Treasurer incorporated the Land Bank in 2011 as a tool to assist the County in addressing the problems associated with the increasing number of vacant and abandoned properties. Paula is a bridge for the city across class and economic boundaries. She is engaged in much more than her job title would imply. She supports the neighborhood movement to accelerate the flow of venture and investment funding into local enterprises in traditionally poor neighborhoods. This is funding for local resident ownership, which is the gaping hole in most development projects. This is taking on poverty by creating more resident ownership of local assets; homes, businesses, services, farming, markets and spaces that serve the common good. Paula is contributing to economic equality without blaming anyone. She values the gifts and capacities of all citizens and has the soul of a connector. She also has a vision of what is possible in order to bring together the divides that plague our cities and rural towns.

How a City Solicitor Builds Community and a Neighborhood Economy

Most of our focus on abundant communities is about what citizens can do to create stronger neighborhood connections and work on projects together or about how citizens are taking back into their own hands what the years of outsourcing...