Ruston Seaman

Ruston Seaman, president and CEO of New Vision Renewable Energy, has dedicated his adult life to ministry and community development in under-resourced rural communities in the U.S. Ruston’s work began in 1980, when he was picked up while hitchhiking in South Dakota by the missionary pastor of Peoples Chapel Church located in Chestnut Ridge, West Virginia. Ruston eventually became pastor of the church, along with his wife, Donna, and continues in this role today. Ruston founded NVRE in 2009 with his friend John Prusa, a local independent-minded, renewable energy innovator, to engage their community in making do-it-yourself solar panels from old shower doors and mis-colored solar cells. Today, working with Ruston, Donna, John and multitudes of volunteers and business partners, NVRE “empowers people and repowers communities” not only with their handmade solar panels but also with portable solar lights and solar cookers and through training and technical assistance in aquaponics and biodiesel projects. Seaman photo courtesy 3M.

Powering Communities and Empowering People

Conversation with Ruston Seaman John and special guest Ruston Seaman of New Vision Renewable Energy talk about different ways about different ways people and communities can enable others to recognize and use their gifts to do great things wherever they...