Are We There Yet?

How will we know we have left the consumer culture?

by Sarah Arthurs on September 9, 2016

Tagged as: Kindness / Generosity / Cooperation / Acceptance of Fallibility / Forgiveness / Mystery

In a recent interview in preparation for NewScoop's conversation on An Other KingdomJohn explored the questions How will we know when we have departed the consumer culture? and How will we know we have arrived? 

John believes that as we see three particular disciplines/practices of neighborliness becoming more prevalent in our own lives and in our communities we will know that we are arriving.

Read the whole piece here.


NewScoop is a not-for-profit Calgary, Albertam Canada news co-op using generative journalism to explore and share stories of its thriving city. The organization sponsored a live Skyped conversation with Peter, John and Walter Brueggemann on their new book, An Other Kingdom, on September 12, 2016.


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