Deron Hamel

Deron Hamel came to Axiom News with deep experience as a writer and advocacy journalist. He values the freedom he has found at Axiom to pursue his genuine interest in what people are doing. "It took me awhile to get accustomed to it. I'm empowered and trusted to find my own way. I invented my own role," he says. "We have a supportive team and we can bounce ideas off of each other. I work best with a change of scenery, so I work from home and at the office. It's great." In June 2012, Deron was honoured with Community Living Peterborough’s Media Award of Excellence for articles advocating for the rights of people with developmental disabilities. In 2013, Deron’s work with an advocacy agency for people with epilepsy drew attention to a serious medication shortage that put epilepsy sufferers at risk. Collaborating with the agency, he helped provide a communications strategy to alert the epilepsy community, with potentially lifesaving results. In addition to his work at Axiom, Deron's writing has appeared in online and print publications in Canada, the United States and the UK, including CBC News, Sun Media, American Metal Market magazine and The Public Ledger.

Citizens Forge Ahead to Directly Address Housing Crisis

What possibilities exist if we stopped waiting for someone else to take on an issue in our community? Originally published on Axiom News, this story from Ontario gives us a glimpse into the answer regarding the crisis many communities...