Doyle Canning

Doyle Canning is a strategist, trainer and organizer with a deep commitment to building 21st century social movements for ecological justice. She came to the Center for Story-based Strategy (formerly smartMeme) in 2003 after studying critical pedagogy, working as a grassroots organizer and being banned from Australia for her rabble rousing. As co-director at CSS, Doyle serves social movements as a facilitator, messaging coach and campaign consultant. She is a contributor to Letters from Young Activists (Nation Books, 2005) and has served on the advisory funding panel of the Haymarket People's Fund, an antiracist social change foundation for New England. Doyle practices yoga, sings and celebrates life. She lives in Boston.

Framing for Change: How We Tell Our Story Matters

These days, the big issues of our time are digested and disseminated by cable news, internet blogs, and tweets—and repeated by everyday people in our common conversations. But the choices about how that digestion happens—about how big stories are...