Eric Tolson

Eric currently resides in Mexico City, where he is originally from. Whilst studying highschool in the United States, he became engaged in social movements, particularly with the cooperative movement and with alternative economies more broadly. Ever since, he has been dedicated to the construction, connection, and strengthening of self-managed organizations as a life project and as a political venture. He graduated from SoFA’s first SoLT cycle, where he first encountered sociocracy. Eric sees sociocracy as a handy tool in the development of self-managed organizations, but also as part of a radical cultural shift: learning to relate to one another in emancipatory and anti-oppressive fashion, as peers. He likes to think that the success of our species relies on good teamwork, and therefore aspires to get to know, practice, and spread the best praxis for collaboration. With inclinations towards the humorous and a strong commitment to liberation, Eric holds workshops in the Valley of México, is a member of Sociocracia Práctica and co-translator of the sociocracy manual Many Voices One Song. A good friend of paradoxes, Eric identifies as a Professional Anarchist. Some of his main interests are: popular pedagogies, gender, philosophy, creative storytelling, complexity/systems thinking and ultimate frisbee.

Weaving Global Governance from Below: Neighbourocracy and Children’s Parliaments in India

Originally published on Sociocracy for All, this fascinating case study illustrates the capacity of children to act as effective, engaged decision-makers within their communities as well as the power of the governing tool sociocracy when employed at a neighborhood level.      The Dream,...