Jimmy Toyama

Jimmy Toyama is a retired public servant who writes a monthly column for “The Paradise Post,” a monthly reader published on the Island of Hawaii. His column “Nurturing Our Taro Patches” captures and tells the many rich and colorful stories that form the mosaic of communities in Hawaii. Jimmy has and continues to be involved in community work assisting grassroots organizations throughout Hawaii. He lives in Aiea, Hawaii, with his wife and two Shih Tzus, quietly thinking about existence, the evolution of consciousness and the future of communities.

Building Competent Communities: A Matter of Survival in the 21st Century

In 2011 I was involved in a year-long conversation with a group of active, insightful, and seasoned community builders. I recently wrote a piece on what I thought I heard and learned in our conversations and want to share...

Nurturing Our Taro Patches

Written for Paradise Post, Hakalau, HI Early this year while scrolling through my usual volume of email messages, there was one that caught my attention.  It was from Peter Block, writer-speaker-consultant, who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Peter, as some on the...