Nikkita Oliver

Nikkita Oliver (they/them) is a Seattle-based creative, community organizer, abolitionist, educator, and attorney. Working at the intersections of arts, law, education, and community organizing Nikkita strives to create experiences which draw us closer to our humanity and invites us to imagine what we hope to see in the future. (Nikkita identifies as Black, multi-racial, queer, and non-binary.) Nikkita has opened for Cornel West and Chuck D of Public Enemy, featured on the Breakfast Club, KUOW's The Week in Review, Cut Stories, and performed on The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert. Nikkita's writing has been published in the South Seattle Emerald, Yes! Magazine, Crosscut, the Establishment, Last Real Indians, The Seattle Weekly, and The Stranger. Nikkita currently organizes with House Our Neighbors and Solidarity Budget. In the past Nikkita has organized with No New Youth Jail, Decriminalize Seattle, Covid-19 Mutual Aid - Seattle, and the Seattle Peoples Party. Nikkita is the executive director of Creative Justice, an arts-based healing engaged space for youth and young adults impacted by the school-to-prison pipeline and other harmful systems and institutions.

A Handbook for Abolitionists

In the following article from Yes! Magazine, Seattle-based creative, community organizer and abolitionist Nikkita Oliver illuminates the meaning of "abolition" with her own story of witnessing her mother's choice to respond with respect and care in the face of...