Randall Reid

Randall Reid is County Manager of Alachua County, Florida. He is active in a number of professional associations including the International City Management Association, the Florida City/County Management Association, where he has served as both President and Chairman of the Ethics Committee for Professional Conduct. He is a former member of both the American Society of Public Administration and the American Planning Association. His professional goal is to enhance the credibility of county government with the public through providing responsive services while remaining always fiscally accountable to the taxpayers. Randy’s personal mission is "to create respect for people and place." He believes that the greatest challenge nationally faced by today's local governments is to meaningfully engage citizens in representative democratic government. He is dedicated to building sustainable organizations and communities and has spoken widely at state and national professional conferences on this subject. He believes communities and their leaders must develop a respect for natural systems, strong local economics, and social justice for their citizens. He serves on the Smart Growth advisory group of the International City/County Management Association and has spoken nationally on the subject of leading organizational change, growth management, and sustainability. He believes that sustainability has as much to do with how we ethically govern and engage our citizens, as it does with how we build viable communities by encouraging best development practices.

The Value of Public Service

We find ourselves today as public sector leaders working in an era of dynamic global economics, stormy political discourse and facing yet another crisis in confidence in our public institutions. Memories of 9-11 sacrifices of public servants have faded...