Ray Thompson

Ray Thompson has worked in a range of professional capacities for respected Chicago area social service agencies and educational institutions His passion is sparking sustainable and scalable local community change with local people. His firm, Thompson Community Relations Group, is a community-centered and people-focused consultancy supporting local people, associations and organizations in their community building efforts. TCRG implements asset based community development strategies that promote intentional relationship building amongst residents and local organizations. They then support communities in uncovering local synergy and mobilizing local skills, talents, resources, and capacities for innovative and sustainable community change. http://www.thompsoncrg.com.

Away From Help and Towards Community

One of the most inventive people engaging neighbors in community building is Ray Thompson. In his April 2011 newsletter he writes a soulful reflection on the perils of helping. His website www.thompsoncrg.com offers a community-centered, people-focused look at neighborhood possibilities for creating a satisfying...

Summer Break Is upon Us

As schools throughout the country cut back, there are new possibilities for neighbors to become a "village that teaches a child." One of the most inventive people engaging neighbors as producers is Ray Thompson. In his July 2010 blog...