Understanding Community-Led Approaches to Community Change

Fear is one of the biggest barriers that prevents changemakers from applying authentic community engagement practices. In this paper published through the Tamarack Institute, Lisa Attygalle explores the role of fear in the engagement process and provides practical strategies for transforming and applying fear in community engagement.


There has been a marked increase in demand for ‘Community-Led’ approaches to change across the country. Black Lives Matter, Idle No More, poverty reduction, and youth empowerment provide just a few examples. This shows incredible promise for advances towards community ownership of decision-making practices and active citizen participation in community life. We need to be intentional though about what ‘Community-Led’ means so that communities are not inadvertently acted-upon, and instead are empowered through leadership.


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About the Lead Author

Lisa Attygale
Lisa Attygalehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/lisa-attygalle-5a308610/?originalSubdomain=ca
Lisa, Consulting Director at Tamarack Institute, pioneers authentic community engagement strategies. She's an advocate for simplicity and creativity in community change. Off-duty, she co-owns a community café.

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