Organizational Culture of Fear: The Shadow Side of US Culture

by Peter Block, CJ Liu on October 16, 2017

Tagged as: Gifts / Cooperation / Acceptance of Fallibility / Forgiveness / Raising Children / Local Economy / Care of People on the Margin

CJ Liu's interview with Peter on her popular YouTube show "Fire It Up with CJ" was supposed to be about his book Flawless Consulting. Instead, in their intimate, touching, funny and profound conversation they light on topics ranging from personal transformation, integrating who you are with what you do and outlets for pain and rage to freedom, authenticity, courage and the power of co-creation—plus yoga, cartoons, parenting ... and much more. It's worth the time to witness the whole thing.



Interview originally appeared October 5, 2017 on Fire It Up with CJ. Home page image Gray Moon Gallery.