Share Tompkins

by Shira Golding on July 12, 2010

Tagged as: Gifts / Association / Generosity / Cooperation / Local Economy

We've been working on ways to better share resources in Tompkins County, NY. A few months ago we started organizing Community Swap Meets where people can give away, share or barter goods, services and labor with a focus on being as local and sustainable as possible. We are also working on creating coops for housing, child care and more.

The two primary activities of Share Tompkins are the organization of monthly Community Swap Meets and the creation of an online directory of initiatives that help people share resources locally. Our first three Swap Meets were hosted in people's homes on weekday evenings and had turn-outs of over 20 people each. In addition to people giving away and trading clothes, produce, prepared foods, gardening supplies and other goods, these events have provided an opportunity to exchange services including health consultations and web design. At one Swap Meet, a couple with a young child expressed the desire to start a babysitting coop with others, and now that's happening, thanks to the community we've created with Share Tompkins. At our most recent event, three different people/couples said they needed help moving, and they ended up arranging a three-way swap where they all helped each other out and another person lent folks his truck.

Thanks for checking it out — we'd be happy to email you more information or talk over the phone about our projects!