Gerard Ee

Gerard Ee spearheads Singapore's Beyond Social Services, an organisation that rallies and activates service-users, their support networks and the community to support disadvantaged young people move beyond their poverty-related problems. Gerard started out as a youth worker mentoring youths-at-risk on the streets of Bukit Bo Swee and later trained as a family therapist. After more than 30 years of service, Gerard has become a firm believer that social work is not simply problem-solving but a peace-building process that engages people to live the values of compassion, social justice and community.

Seeing Problems As a Gift

While we do not wish problems on anyone, we do see problems as a gift that brings people together even though people may be on opposing sides when they gather. Our role is to help them focus on the...

A Gift from a Taxi Driver

Gerard’s story says more than all the speaking, action steps and theory some of us spend our time on. On the professional question, we all speak for the citizen, but every place needs someone like Gerard, paid to create...